thodio iBoxTM

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also available with aptX HD lossless bluetooth for wireless audio streaming from any bluetooth device

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the thodio iBox is the best-looking iPod amp we've seen

ralph lauren rugby,

there are countless iPod docks on the market, but few are as carefully crafted as the thodio iBox lineup from amsterdam

the result of the Dutch engineers' strives is the iBox, a dedicated iPod speaker solution which is simply astonishing by looks and sound alike

the iBox from thodio is one piece of audio gear which can instantly integrate in any home decor with spectacular results, no matter if you're thinking about a retro decor or a modern setting breathing simplicity

a fully handcrafted yet technologically advanced iPod amplifier that looks like Bose's rich, sophisticated uncle

iPod docks are everywhere on the market. However, I believe that none look as good as the thodio iBox

the thodio iBox is a welcome break from the uniformity in design we see where the iPod and its accessories are concerned

this is a smart looking, solid, handmade option, that stands out from its competitors by virtue of its unconventional design

iPod dock... ok, there are heaps of them around but this one at least looks like is was lovingly handcrafted not bashed out of a dirty factory

technical specifications:

  • material: 15mm mdf, oak, teak, mahogany, zebrawood, purpleheart, other types on request
  • output power: 2 x 100 watts rms stereo
  • dimensions : 34x22x23cm (LxWxH)
  • weight : 6.5 kilos
  • rechargeable battery cycle: 12 hours
  • audio input: 1 x 3.5mm jackbus
  • included: 1 x battery charger (US orders come with US chargers), 1 x 3.5mm jack plug aux cable and a 3 year warranty

prices starting at:

450 euros more info, order now