thodio A-BOX

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also available with aptX HD lossless bluetooth for wireless audio streaming from any bluetooth device


"I expected something good but the sound is just perfect, I've got 2 80Watts home audio speakers pluged on a amplifier, with an already very good quality but your box beat them on the punchy aspect, the gradings are just perfect, it slaps you in the face, and no vibrations, every detail is over-clean, you're a Dutch magician" -Charles D. from France

"I received my A-Box about a week ago. I love it! Great design, great sound. Can't wait to hit the beach with it this summer! Thanks again for the great product" -Joseph P. from the US

"The sound is amazing!!!!! I have no idea how so much sound can come out of such a small box!! and a metal one at that!! Absolutely fantastic job mate! Worth every penny. Well done sir" -Jose R. from the US

"As you go through life, you hope to get an honest shake. Very few times are you surprised when you get more. This is one of those times!" -Greg C. from the US

the newest addition to the thodio arsenal, the A-BOX. straight from the army, an original ammobox with a design from the fifties. so good its still in use

the A-BOX is made of 1mm steel plate fortified from the inside with 6mm trespa and made as inert as possible with vibration dampening material to ensure a ridiculously good sound for a piece of metal

added to that are the high quality components of its luxurious brother, the iBox, for a crystal clear sound, even at high volumes. the A-BOX comes equipped with an integrated rechargeable battery like you would expect from such an outdoor ready product

the iPod/mp3 player can be connected on the outside of the A-BOX as well as the inside so you can listen to your tunes while running around with the A-BOX for example or just protecting your iPod from bullets and stuff

the A-BOX comes in 2 models: the light edition with 2 x 15 watts rms amplifier and woven glass fiber speakers (carbon color). and the heavy edition sporting 2 x 100 watts amplifiers and woven kevlar speakers (the yellow material used in bullet proof vests)

both versions have indication lights in the bass tube which will indicate the status of the battery with white, orange and red colors. the heavy version however has an extra feat, indication lights behind the speakers which will warn against distortion when the unit is driven too loud. this gives a funky disco effect when driven slightly too loud

obviously, the A-BOX is not really bulletproof, why should it be? but the speakers are really made of kevlar, just not in the thickness required to protect anything from bullets

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technical specifications:

  • material: steel
  • output power: 2 x 15 or 2 x 100 watts rms
  • dimensions : 30x15.5x19.5 cm (LxWxH)
  • weight : 6.4 or 6.9 kilos
  • rechargeable battery cycle: 15 hours
  • connectors 3.5mm jack: 1 x aux-in(female), 1 x aux-in/out (female)
  • included: 1 x battery charger (US orders come with US chargers), 1 x 3.5mm jack plug aux cable and a 3 year warranty

prices starting from :

light version 249 euros (US price $339), heavy version 349 euros (US price $475) order your A-BOX now